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Friday Feature - Leave Transfers

Friday Feature LogoFor the last two weeks, we have been talking about leaves: leave payoffs and leave alternatives. Today, I will end the series with a brand new feature: leave transfers. Introduced in v14.02 (at the beginning of June), this new way to manage employee leaves works with both leave payoffs and leave alternatives. In a nutshell, the leave transfer balance feature allows you to transfer hours/days from one leave balance to another when the leave usage is greater than the leave balance. Let’s step through an example.


Now, our employee has 2 days of personal, 1 floating holiday and 10 days of vacation and then our employee uses 4 days of personal. Here is the logic of the deductions and transfers that Escape Online does automatically:

  • Deduct 2 from personal, leaving it at zero.
  • Deduct 1 from floating holiday, leaving it at zero.
  • Deduct 1 from vacation, leaving the balance at 9.

And, here is the setup for the Personal Leave Balance Profile, showing how easy it is to define the transfer to the floating holiday:


What is most awesome about this feature is that it does not change your leave entry process!

You still enter the original leave in the Leave Transaction activity or on the Leaves tab of the Employee record. The original leave (4 days of personal using the example above) is recorded as a usage transaction type. The balance transfers (floating holiday to personal, and vacation to floating holiday) take place when you load in the Leave Status activity.

The transfers are recorded as adjustment transaction types. You can view the transfers from the Leave Transfer Balance snapshot in the Leave Status activity or from the Leaves tab in Employee Management activity (after the leaves are posted).

But wait, there's more!

As I said in the beginning, leave transfers also work with docks/payoffs. You can set the FINAL balance as a dock/payoff. So, if the vacation balance results in a dock or a payoff that will show on the Leave Status list, where you can override it just like any other dock or payoff.

Not done yet.  More good news!

And, it also works with alternatives. But, it is a little bit tricky. While alternatives and transfers are mutually exclusive for a single leave type, they can be implemented together. Let's modify our example above to see what I mean:

  • The Leave Type for personal has an alternate balance specified as sick.
  • The Leave Balance for sick has a transfer balance specified as floating holiday.
  • The Leave Balance for floating holiday has a transfer balance specified as vacation.

Now, if an employee uses personal, Escape Online will deduct the usage from both personal and sick (alternate balance). If the usage is greater than the sick balance, Escape Online transfers from floating holiday and vacation (if necessary). Finally, if the employee uses up all of the balances, a dock would occur on vacation (if it were setup to dock).

Wow, I feel like I just won the Triple Crown of leave management!


Friday Feature - Alternative Leaves

Friday Feature LogoLast week we talked about leftover leave balances. Let's continue the conversation with a twist: alternative leave balances. This is where one usage affects more than one balance. For example, sick leave is affected by personal business and personal necessity. pic_news_ff_LeaveAltSetupCheck it out.

Here is the setup from a LIVE customer. They have "personal business" set up to affect "personal necessity" and "sick." In addition, they set up personal necessity to affect sick leave, if that leave type is used instead of personal business.

That's powerful.

And, it all happens simultaneously. So if an employee puts in for a leave of personal business, when the HR technician enters and saves that leave usage transaction, Escape Online creates the leave usage transactions for the alternate leave balance codes and deducts the leave from all three: personal business, personal necessity and sick.

On the other hand, if the leave is for personal necessity, Escape Online deducts the leave from personal necessity and sick. Finally, if the leave is for sick, Escape Online ONLY deducts the leave from sick.

Now that we understand the concept, let's take a look at a LIVE example from an employee of that district.

pic_news_ff_LeaveAltTransactionsThe highlighted rows are exactly the same except for the leave balance. This shows how the HR technician entered one transaction, affecting three balances. Notice how they all have the same Create, Begin and End dates.

Also, notice how the last row in the graphic (not highlighted) is for sick leave and that there is only one line for that transaction.

Escape Online processes each type of leave accordingly. And, it does it all automatically, based on some simple setup. Amazing!

Stay tuned for next week's topic on transferring leave balances, a new feature that is going to knock your socks off.

Friday Feature - Leftover Leave

Friday Feature LogoYou may have heard the cliché, "use it or lose it" but have you heard of "use it or get an extra paycheck?" Of course, I am referring to vacation balances. Some of our customers have a vacation policy that does not include carrying over a balance, and that means that something must be done with the leftover. Escape Online supports paying off leave balances and docking pay for leave overages. Let's take a look at how this works.

  • Docks. Each leave balance profile can be set up to go negative or dock an employee's pay every earnings period.
  • Payoffs. Each leave balance can be set up to payoff excess leave in the employee's last earnings period.

pic_news_ff_LeaveBalanceProfile pic_news_ff_LeaveOrgAddonsHere is the setup. It is super easy!

All you have to do is set the flag in the Leave Balance Profile and specify the addons to be used in the Organization record.

Everything else is automated. The users entering the leave transactions simply enter the transaction. They don't have to do anything special. This is awesome because many of our customers have their site users entering leaves.

Escape Online creates the docks/payoffs automatically based on your setup. And, it gives you two opportunities to override.

First, when the HR/Payroll Technician loads leaves into payroll (in the Leave Status activity), Escape Online shows each dock or payoff, giving the technician an opportunity to allow the leave to go negative or carry over.

Second, when the leaves are posted Escape Online creates the addons for the dock or the payoff. Again, the user has the opportunity to override the amount in the Adjust Payroll activity.


Let's take a look a "real" example. Say an employee has 6 hours of vacation but uses 10 hours; the payroll technician has the option of docking the employee's pay for 4 hours or allowing the vacation balance to go negative.

On the other hand, say an employee has 20 hours of vacation but has only used 10. Escape Online would create an addon paying the employee for those 10 hours on their last earnings period. Again, the technician has the opportunity to override and allow those 10 hours to carry over to the next year, or adjust the amount for any other reason.

Leave docks/payoffs are one more example of how Escape Online provides expert functionality with simple setup, and that is very slick indeed.

Friday Feature - Rolling Forward Leave Balances

Friday Feature LogoToday is the last working day of the fiscal year. For some employees, that means that if you didn't use all of your leaves — vacation, sick leave, personal — it is too late, that time is gone.  For others, the unused time rolls forward to the next fiscal year. The roll forward leave balance process in Escape Online is very easy with tons and tons of automation. Check it out.

All you have to do is select the Roll Forward Leaves task in the Fiscal Year Status activity. Escape Online automatically creates an appropriate "balance forward" transaction for every employee.

Let's take a look at the setup of two different LIVE Leave Balance Profiles to see how this works.

Roll Forward Leaves Max

One Limit for All. In this case, the Limit Carryover flag is set to YES and the Carryover Max field is set to 50, limiting all employees with this balance to 50 hours for carrying over.

Roll Forward Leaves Ranges

Limits Based on Years of Service. You can also create a matrix. As you see here, you can limit the number of hours carried over based on the number of years of granting.

  • Row 1. An employee working for the district for 0-4 years receives 8 hours every year, with the ability to carry over up to 2 years of granted leave (or 16 hours).
  • Row 2. An employee working for the district for 5-9 years receives 10 hours every year, with the ability to carry over up to 2 years of granted leave (or 20 hours).

Pretty tricky, huh?

Just imagine if you had to open every employee, calculate years of service, hours granted, and the carry-over limit and then make an adjustment.  That's one crazy imagination!

That's why Escape Online calculates everything for you.  With a click of the mouse, all of the calculations and balances and transactions are automatically posted for you!

NOTE: The Roll Forward Leaves task is time sensitive. You must do this AFTER June leaves have been entered and BEFORE July leaves have been loaded.