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Friday Feature - Jumping from Tab to Tab

Friday Feature LogoLet's talk Escape keys.  I started the conversation last week and now I am on a roll. I love using my keyboard.  I am not a big fan of the mouse.  Anything I can do while typing, I am all for it. If you are similar, then you are going to love this Friday Feature.  Let's say I am working my 1099 list and I have a question about a payment to a vendor.  This is what I do:

  1. I create a search which results in a list.
  2. I click on a record on the list which opens the form.
  3. I click on the quick link to the vendor which opens another tab (Vendor).
  4. I click on the quick link for one of the payments which opens another tab (Payment).

Now I have 5 tabs going across the top of my workspace.  For goodness sake, that is way too much mousing to go from tab to tab.

What is a non-mouser to do?  Glad you asked.  I can use my control key and the number placement of the tab to jump back and forth.

  • Want to go to the Search:  Ctrl+1.
  • Want to go to the List: Ctrl+2
  • Want to go to the Form: Ctrl+3
  • Want to go to the Vendor: Ctrl+4
  • And so on.

Seriously, if you kept quick linking to more records (adding more tabs to your workspace), you could just add one more number to your ctrl+x number placement to jump to that tab.

Now I have to admit that I didn't know about this Ctrl+4 stuff with the new quick links, so this is an undocumented (at the moment) feature!  I hope you are as tickled as I am to discover this easy productive key combination that works anywhere in the system.

Friday Feature - Activity List Escape Key

This weekend is the end of daylight savings.  Now I know that many people love the fall-back, get an extra hour of sleep, but with the sun setting sooner, I just don't feel like I am getting all that much extra time. And that is why I need Escape keys (aka keyboard shortcuts).  They cut down the time it takes to do my job and that makes it seem like I have more time.

So today I would like to tell you about one of my favorites. (Really they are all my favorites, but I use this one more than most.)  First, let me say that I like to open fifty million activities simultaneously.  Of course, that is an exaggeration but not much.

The way I jump from activity to activity is by using the Activity List, which is our name for the drop-down list of activities at the top of your workspace.  You can get to this list by clicking on the triangle to the left of the activity name in the banner.

But, the way I get to the Activity List is by using the Escape key: Alt+Enter.

Forget your mouse!  Just press the Alt key and the Enter key simultaneously and the list drops down.  From there you can use your arrow keys to select the activity you want. It is so easy.

So if you're like me and think that an extra hour isn't enough, then this Escape key is for you.

Friday Feature - Getting Help

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends.  (You could almost hear me singing that line!)  It is true, though.  There are parts of Escape Online that you only use occasionally and parts that you use every day but have trouble with.  What's a user to do? Since singing Beatles songs has never solved a work problem (only in our dreams), you may really need some help.  Well, based on some recent customer feedback, we have created two new documents that we hope will help you get a solution as quick as possible.

The new Troubleshooting section of the Escape Guides activity in the Online Resources module contains two new documents to help those that need it.

The first document is for Escape Online users.  It gives you some concrete troubleshooting and fact-gathering steps to take so you can clearly report your issue to your designated support rep.

The second is for district and county support staff to help them get the information they need to help you solve your dilemma.  And, if they need to escalate the issue to Escape Customer Care, the document includes helpful tips to ensure that process moves as smoothly as possible.

Now you will never feel sad because you're on your own.  We are here to help.

Friday Feature - Navigating PDFs

Last week, I talked about all of the different ways we deliver documentation—How Tos, Online Resources, and User Guides. But no matter what the source of the documentation, it is always displayed as a PDF in your workspace. Now over the last few months, Adobe Corporation (the one who develops the PDF technology and much more) has been very busy upgrading its products. Some of you have already upgraded to the Adobe Reader X. I have, and I must admit it was a bit of an adjustment.

But, I am here to tell you about some keyboard shortcuts that will help you display those PDFs just how you need them for your workflow. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Adobe Reader Floating Toolbar

F8 – Show/Hide the Toolbar. With the upgrade of Acrobat Reader X, we got a floating toolbar (pictured here). The reception of this new feature has been mixed. Bob Towery loves it. Me, not so much. To show the “old” toolbar, just press F8. (You could also click on the logo all the way to the right of the floating toolbar.)

Use F4 or F6 to get to the bookmarks

F4 – Show/Hide Navigation Panel. We used to always show the bookmark panel (list of links that act like a table of contents) for our documentation but with limited space in the workspace, many customers asked us to hide the bookmarks. While I liked the bookmarks, I have to admit they took up a lot of space. I totally understand why people wanted them hidden, but I still like them, so I use the F4 key to show the navigation panel which contains the bookmark panel.

F6 – Navigation Buttons. Once the navigation panel has been displayed you can use the F6 key to jump back and forth between the buttons. For example, I can press F6 to go to the navigation buttons, down arrow to the bookmarks, and press Enter to list all of the bookmarks for the documentation.

Now those are some pretty awesome keyboard shortcuts, but I am not done yet. Those are my favorites because the upgrade changed my workflow and I needed to adjust. I have been an avid Adobe product user for more than twenty years. Here are my all-time favorites that I use every day!!!

  • Spacebar – Press and hold the spacebar and your cursor turns into a hand that you can use to “grab” the page and move it around. Love it!
  • Ctrl + equal sign and Ctrl + hyphen – Zoom in and out. Just hold down your control key and keep hitting the equal sign or hyphen to zoom in and out to your heart’s desire.
  • Ctrl + page up/down – When I want to go to the next page of a document, not just scroll around, I really like using the Ctrl + page up/down. It takes me to the top of the next/previous page. I find this very satisfying. :)

Well, I hope you discovered a few tips for your workflow. If you have any favorite keyboard shortcuts for the Adobe Reader, post a comment. All Escapees will thank you.