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Friday Feature - Saving Many Report Favorites

Now, I have written quite a few Friday Features about report favorites, but I saw some data the other day that made me want to write one more! This is really about how our customers take advantage of report favorites, over and over again. Check it out!


This is some amazing statistics. From a random sampling of over 5K users that use report favorites, we can see that 10% of users have more than 5 report favorites. If you are not using report favorites, get on board with thousands of your colleagues and start using this fantastic productivity tool.

Roseville CSI: Public Report Favorites

At Escape's Collaboration Day, one of the questions that was asked was so timely, I thought I should share it with you. The question? 

“When I’m looking at report favorites, why can’t I see all the public favorites created? The field is required, so I can’t just leave it blank. Searching one user Id at a time takes too long.”

Just the week before I had been scratching my head over this one, too. Are you intrigued? Do you already know the answer? For wondering minds, here is the solution!

Open your Report Favorites activity (from Finance or HR/Payroll). 

Use F4 or the drop down arrow on the User Id field. Now you have these options:

  • Select a single user.

  • Select multiple users by holding the CTRL key while selecting.

  • Select all users by clicking on the first name, holding down the SHIFT key, and selecting the last name in the list.

Your report favorites list will have all public reports created by these users. There you go, all done!

Let us know how you are using report favorites and what you love about them. 

Friday Feature - Grouping Report Favorites

Now, I am sure that you all know that you can schedule your report favorite, but did you know that you could also group them? Let's say that your board likes to have the same reports presented at every meeting. They want to know about the budget, requisitions and checks for the current month. Of course, you can use date mnemonics to define the current month and you can use report favorites to save those report parameters. And, if your board always met on the exact same day, like the third Thursday, you could also schedule your report. But, what if your board doesn't have a set schedule?

Escape Online has you covered. You can set up report favorites, using date mnemonics, and then group those reports so they are easy to run the day of the board meeting. Check it out!


Escape Online allows you to use the same Favorite ID for different reports and we are going to use this functionality to create a group. Your first step is to pick a name for your group. In this case, I am calling my group "board prep." 

I am going to use this same name (Favorite ID) for the Budget Summary (Budget03), Board Report of Purchase Orders (ReqPay11) and Board Report of Checks (ReqPay12) reports. In other words, I am going to create a report favorite for each one of these reports and enter "board prep" as the Favorite ID. This is how I am going to create the group.

Now, that I have all three report favorites defined with the same Favorite ID, I can use a quick start to create a list of the reports.

I type in FFAV as the Finance Report Favorite quick start, use the keyword ID to reference the Favorite ID and then "board prep" to bring up a list of all finance reports with the Favorite ID of "board prep."


Now, I have a list of my board reports that I can run on the fly.

I can open each one and run them lickety-split the day of the board meeting, saving me tons of time, every month. 


Now, there is a caveat to the grouping. The Favorite ID must be unique within the report. For example, you cannot have two favorites for Fiscal01 called Last Month. 

Friday Feature - Scheduling Reports

Last week, we saw how awesome it is to create a really neat report and share it with your friends. Now, I want to take that one step further and schedule that report so that it runs for me automatically, as often as I need it.

Escape Online allows you to schedule reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Check it out.

This is the favorite we made public last week. Check out the highlights. See how I set a schedule for running the report at 6am, every three days for the month of July? 

If we want a weekly schedule, we can specify which days to run the report.

If we want a monthly schedule, we can specify which day of the month and a whole lot more!

Finally, we have the option to set up the report to run on an annual basis. For fiscal or calendar year end, you can set it up once and make your year-end processing all that much smoother.

Being able to save your report setup, share your report setup and finally schedule your reports to run automatically on a regular basis is wondrous. Oh, the efficiency and productivity abounds!