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HRA 2015 Review

2015 has been a great year for HRAs (human resources authorizations or workflows)!

Most recently, we visited Santa Rosa Junior College to talk about a new type of HRA they could use for their adjunct employees. It would be a payroll authorization with employee timesheets and was based on similar HRAs used by another customer. After a few weeks of discussion and analysis of the customization they would need, we’ve released the first version to SRJC for their review. We will be working closely from this point to finalize their version of the employee timesheet.

SRJC is testing HRAs for adjunct work hours, where adjuncts enter their hours in electronic timesheets, which are routed for approval and processing.

SRJC is testing HRAs for adjunct work hours, where adjuncts enter their hours in electronic timesheets, which are routed for approval and processing.

When combined with electronic routing and approvals, HRAs are a powerful tool! Now, there are five COEs (Monterey COE, San Joaquin COE, Ventura COE, Sonoma COE and Santa Barbara CEO) using HRAs to streamline a variety of workflows. Monterey COE processed over 31,000 HRA timesheets in 2015. All together, they processed almost 50,000 HRAs for the year. San Joaquin COE focused more on managing assignments/positions and temporary employees. More HRA options are in the testing phase: five COEs, two districts and two junior colleges have HRAs installed on their test systems, while they fine-tune the exact workflow for their business needs.

Currently, we offer thirty types of HRAs, with the most popular being those that affect employee assignments. Some customers elect to use the HRAs solely for approvals, and continue to use the standard activities for updating records. Others use HRAs for approvals, as well as automatic updates to Escape Online records, such as employees and positions. Both options provide great efficiency. That is the beauty of HRAs: it is up to you, the customer, to define your needs so that we can tailor the HRA to your workflow.

To check out the variety of HRAs already in use, see the HRA Samples in the Escape Guides section of Online Resources in Escape Online or contact Escape Customer Care. 

San Joaquin COE Goes LIVE on Escape Online

San Joaquin County Office of Education has just finished their first month on Escape Online. The team at the county office is a strong group and they are very on the ball!

Here are some figures for their first month to date – keep in mind that July end of month payroll is their smallest for the year. (It is about 1/3 of their August payroll).

  • Number of employees paid: 1,830
  • Total Gross pay: $8,725,887.09

They also had one employee with a held check for failing the credential audit for online orgs and were also able to run credential audits on their offline orgs as well via a custom activity.  In addition to this, they have several custom procedures/activities that generate multiple files for both online and offline orgs – everything is really working quite well.

They have printed 1,810 Accounts Payable checks via the Print AP Checks activity for a total of $27,900,240.43 so far with several more ready to print as well.

They are using everything in the system at this point except work orders and assets (both of these are coming next).

While there are still a few small outstanding items, overall, everything is working great!

Extraordinary IT staff at San Joaquin County Office of Education!!

Back in December I was shown some of the really cool programming work that Jim Huff, San Joaquin COE Information Technology Director III has done for our project and I just had to share it. Jim, along with Randy Gibbs, IT Division Director and the rest of the IT staff are really an extraordinary crew. In addition to their normal duties and setting up and maintaining new equipment for this implementation, Jim has created some extremely helpful tools to assist their County Office and Disticts' staff in getting ready to go live in Escape this coming July.An example of this is a process that runs continually and upon request by identified district staff will email a report of missing and invalid HR / Payroll setup as well as a comparison of every employee's payroll amounts. The setup checker is checking for concerns like missing or invalid codes in Job Category/classes, benefit providers, deductions, contributions, positions and more. The Payroll comparison is comparing their current live payroll with payroll from the implementing Escape system for every employee in the district for gross pay, all subject grosses and net pay - all with a configurable difference amount to really get back just employee's that may have missing or incorrect setup in Escape. There is also a process that reports payroll errors every night so that they can see any errors immediately and get them cleaned up right away. These are really amazing tools for a payroll project and I believe save the entire team time looking for problems as well as making the stress and strain for the implementing staff just a little bit lighter. Jim is an example of the amazing assets that San Joaquin County has and an important part of our implementation team and I felt it important to share some of his great ideas!

San Joaquin County implementation is cruising along!!
San Joaquin County's Escape implementation is cruising along! We have completed all of the Overview training and 95% of the Core Training and users are now attending Working Sessions at the county where they are doing data entry and testing scenarios in Escape. The County and District staff are picking up on our software very quickly and really taking to it well. In fact, I was incredibly impressed at all the trainings and especially the most recent ones we had at SJCOE as all the users were performing their hands-on exercises with very little assistance from myself or other members of the Implementation team!

There's also some really amazing stuff being done in this project on the IT side...but that will be my next blog!!