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Friday Feature - Indicators as Expenses

Last week, I showed you how to set up indicators. This week, I am going to show you how easy they are to use for tracking expenses in Vendor Requisitions and for tracking positions and addons in Employee Management. The setup we did last week feeds directly into the lookups we see here. Check it out.


Notice how the Grade and Group codes we set up last week have become columns in our document and the values have become selections in the lookup. What flexibility!

Also, check out how you can enter a different indicator (one or more) for each line item. You can specify the begin and end dates and the percentage of cost.


On the employee side, we can enter different indicators and percentages for positions and addons, separately. This gives you finite control.

Thanks again to Sacramento City USD for helping us develop such an instrumental tool!

Friday Feature - Mass Change Vendor Addresses

Last week, we talked about mass changing vendor records, but there is a caveat to that ability: vendor addresses. See, in Escape Online, we allow a vendor to have unlimited addresses. This provides great flexibility. Some districts have separate addresses for Issue, Remit and 1099. Others have multiple addresses for different contacts at a vendor. Still others use a “generic” vendor, like a city, to hold disparate addresses, like the police, fire and water departments. So, you can see why you would want to change addresses separate from the main vendor record.

It is the same process as last week — search, list, task, batch, edit, post. What I didn’t show you last week, though, was the default edits. Check it out!


Say that I want to set up 168 vendors for email and ACH processing. I can do that with the Vendor Addresses Mass Change. I can set the defaults with a few clicks and then enter their email addresses on the direct edit list. So easy!

Friday Feature - Mass Change Vendors

It is March and everyone is finished with their 1099 processing. But, are they? Well, this is the time of year where a lot of districts will send out requests for new W-9 forms from their 1099 vendors. As you receive them, you could go into each vendor record and update the W-9 fields. Or, you could use the Mass Change - Vendor Details activity to perform your changes in a batch mode. Check it out.


So, here I am, updating 119 vendors (as you can see from the highlight at the bottom of the screen). Super simple! I can enter the W9 Received Date, arrow down, enter another, and so on. Then, I use the Post task and all of those Vendor records are updated. (I dragged the W9 Received Date next to my Vendor Name for easier data entry. You can do that, too!)

How did all this magic happen? Well, all I had to do was generate a list of vendors. My search is incredibly easy to define, only two fields as you see below. Once I click GO to generate the list, I can use a task to open the batch for edit, right there in the same activity. Escape Online simply opens another tab. So cool.


There are a ton of fields I can edit this way:  W9 Received Date, Sort Name, Tax Classification, Customer Acct #, Web Address, Active, Buyer, Shipping Percentage, Ship Via, FOB, Terms, Tax on Shipping, W9 Required?, 1099 Form Box, 1099 Vendor, DIR Reg #, DIR Date Verified, License Type, License #, Expiration, Bank Id, Account Number, Account Type, Bank ACH Entry Class, and Addendum Option.

Of course, you can also enter all of this in an Excel spreadsheet and import it, too. Escape Online works with your workflow. And, that’s the point: YOUR WORKFLOW.

We are dedicated to bringing the tools you need to make your job easier, which is why this activity was developed as a direct result of customer input at the Beyond Escape 2016 User Conference.

Next week, I’ll show you how you can mass change vendor addresses and how you can set defaults to make your editing go even faster!

Friday Feature - Vendor ACH for AP Payments

Last week, I talked about sending AP Payments via ACH to employees. Well, we also have the ability to send AP Payments via ACH to vendors. Check it out!


You may notice that I am showing you the Address portion of the Vendor record. So clever! By using the Vendor Address, you get the increased flexibility for defining exactly when a vendor should receive an ACH versus a payment versus a 1099 form, etcetera. And, of course, these fields override what is set up in the main Vendor record.

You may also notice that I only highlighted a handful of fields, when it looks like you would really want to fill out all of them. Well, I wanted to draw your attention to the special rules for these fields. In fact, the Bank Id, Account Number, and Account Type fields are only editable by users with the SysMgr role. So, not just anyone can set this up. Escape cares about security!

Finally, I want to mention a little something about the email. You can let this default to the PO Email Address or set a different one, like you see in this screen shot.

Speaking of emails, stay tuned for next week’s Friday Feature about customizing emails.