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New User Webinar Follow-up

The New User Training and Tips and Tricks webinar was awesome! I want to thank ALL 217 connected users for hanging in there for the LIVE broadcast. Jesse Niewolak, Escape Software Support Analyst, did an amazing job answering all of your support questions. Thank you Jesse!

With every webinar I always like to recap a few of my favorite things about the training. There was SO much great information for ALL users, new and seasoned, but I loved showing how to maximize the software and remove bookmarks and zoom in on reports in EODF, so that the software does what you want EVERY TIME! Let me share morel

Maximize the software

So you don’t have to maximize every time you start the software:


New user webinar - preferences.jpg
new user webinar remember preferences.jpg

Now, when you close the software, your setting (maximized) will be remembered.

Note that the startup size field ‘maximize’ does not work.

Remove bookmarks and zoom reports in EODF

 In the EODF viewer, go to Settings – Options.

New user webinar - bookmark options.jpg

Be sure to use these Tips and Tricks for yourself and share it with a co-worker!

Remember to come and see me at the Beyond Escape User Conference in Sacramento and in Santa Barbara! I’ll be there and I hope you will too! If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time!! Register Today!


Webinar Reminder: Not Too Late to Register For New User Tips & Tricks

Are you registered for this week's webinar? We hope so!  You won’t want to miss Terri Hammond and Jesse Niewolak as they present the webinar this Thursday, August 8th at 9:00 AM. The good news is… There's still time to REGISTER NOW!

Who should attend? All Users!

Watch and listen as they walk through:

  • Concepts and standards, including shortcuts, terminology, navigation, tips and tricks.

  • Searching, including favorites.

  • Managing lists and saving data grids.

  • Using data-entry efficiency tools, including quick starts, mnemonics and quick keys.

  • Reviewing reports, including emailing, distribution, favorites.

  • Setting up personalized notifications.

Follow-up - Year End Closing Webinar July 2019

Happy Closing!

What a great way to end a Fiscal Year. The Fiscal Year End Webinar was a HUGE hit with our customers! Out of the 271 registered users, 216 attended. That is AMAZING! Our customers are the BEST. Knowledge is POWER!

This webinar was a little over an hour, jammed packed with all the information and quick links to making the Year End Closing a breeze! I love providing users with great searches and reports and shortcuts to get the information you need quickly!

Year End Webinar 2019.JPG

I want to thank Audrey DiMichele, Finance Support Analyst, for answering all your Q&A questions! We had some great questions that I think EVERYONE will benefit from reading. The good news is that you can read them all and watch the video from Online Resources – Videos activity!  

Your next opportunity to get more POWER will be Thursday, August 8th starting at 9:00am when I host the New Users webinar! Register now before anyone else. This webinar is for ALL users that want to understand concepts and standards, including shortcuts, terminology, navigation, tips and tricks!  

See you there!