Tehama CDE Celebrates 10 Years with Escape

Ten years ago, Tehama CDE joined the Escape Family as one of the founding customers of Project XCOE. Together with Trinity COE and Modoc COE, Tehama broke new ground saving time and money with a cloud-based school business software package.


And, they never stopped breaking ground. They initiated a partnership to develop the docStar interface. Tehama CDE was one of the first to implement the Employee Online Portal. Like their Northern California brethren (Modoc and Trinity), Tehama has been an integral player in the XCOE process and Escape Online functionality, including the changes for the new my|CalPERS system and the incredible open attachments from a list feature.

They are givers, too. They have shared their knowledge generously with other Escape users at Collaboration Day, the Beyond Escape User Conference, the XCOE project video series, and other smaller user get-togethers.

Thank you, Tehama CDE, for being a spectacular partner! Happy Anniversary!