The Perfect HR/Payroll Ride

Want to drop in on the perfect ride? Want to run HR/Payroll activities in Escape Online like a local? Then, the Perfect HR/Pay Workflow session is the one for you!

Carole - Perfect Payroll Ride.png

There is so much crossover in HR/Payroll users and features. This session aims to reduce the burns by explaining the lockout feature and other workflow functionality that will keep everyone cresting the waves.

Here are just some of the questions you will have answered by attending this session:

  • How does the Lockout feature work?

  • Who Does What – HR vs Payroll? 

  • What to do with negative gross pay? 

  • How do you mass change the bargaining unit (or job category or whatever) for a group of employees?

  • How does payroll know about changes made by HR and vice versa?

Even though this session is a general session, there will be some interactivity so you can learn from your colleagues how to have the perfect HR/Payroll workflow!

Not Registered?

Remember, General Sessions are open to all, no sign up necessary, so if you want to go, you can go. And, you should go because this is going to be one cool session.