Ticket to Dream

Last quarter, our community service project was collecting both cash and clothing donations for Ticket to Dream, which is an organization that is dedicated to helping foster kids across the nation. Ticket to Dream was established by Dale Carlsen who is a friend and college mate of Bob Towery’s, Escape’s founder and former CEO. Here is what Bob told me about Dale.

“Dale Carlsen is a big dreamer!  He was a fraternity buddy of mine at Sac State, a year behind me. I remember hearing that after graduation he opened a mattress store on Howe Avenue. What’s with this name, Sleep Train, anyway? He turned that one store into hundreds, with hundreds of millions in revenue and thousands of employees. When his business sold about two years ago, he put a huge portion of his proceeds into a foundation for foster children – Ticket to Dream. He was a foster child himself. I’m sure many of the students in the organizations we serve are foster kids as well. It will be great to help them out.”


Escape employees donated nearly $1,000 in cash and lots of clothing to Ticket To Dream. We were happy to help such an amazing organization and especially given Dale is a friend of Bob’s.