Tubular Tricks - Power User General Session

Had enough of the beginner soft boards? Want to start riding the epic waves and gaining some real productivity? Then, you want to go to the Power User Tips and Tricks session!

This session is going to roll on past the easy stuff, like quick starts and search favorites, moving into the true power user territory of advanced searching, grids, exports, and mail merges.


Advanced Searches

Clicking GO is easy. Getting a list with hundreds or thousands of records is easy. What you want is a list of only 27 records, the only records you need to look at for the task at hand. How do you do that? Can that ever be easy? Yes, it can. It can be easy if you know how searches are built. It can be easy if you master multiple selection from lookups, ranges (open and closed, greater and less than), and date based searches. This session will give you that understanding, hanging 10 while you drop into the perfect list.

Using the Grid

The grid is one of Escape Online’s hidden surf spots. Yes, it is on every list, but does everyone use it to its full potential? Now is your chance to become a grid guru. Learn how to filter, sort, arrange, group, add, drop, freeze, save, and export. Truly, you can make custom ad hoc reports with the grid skills you will pick up in this session.

Exports and Mail Merges

Speaking of grid exports, there are many ways to get information out of Escape Online and into Excel or Word. We’re talking about getting data directly from your list or reports, including detail records and other data that is within your reach if you had the insight to go get it. Let the sun shine on reports with data exports, Word templates in Online Resources, and some insider tricks in Excel. Become the pro data surfer you always wanted to be.

Not Registered?

Remember, General Sessions are open to all, no sign up necessary, so if you want to go, you can go. And, you should go because this is going to be one cool session.