v18.04 Release Review Follow-up

Wow, can I say this was my favorite software release? It truly was an awesome Release all thanks to our AMAZING customers.


Almost every CR I showed during this webinar was a favorite! If I had to call out my favorite changes to v18.04 I would have to say AP ACH payments for employees, like mileage reimbursement, per diem, or supplies. You get the picture. Everyone loves getting their money as soon as possible and this CR delivered!

We also introduced THREE new activities! Yes, you read that right, three! They are the Mass Change Vendor Address, Addon Account Retro, and Timecard Assignment Adjustments.

My final favorite was introducing Indicators! This is an awesome way to track LCAP and KPI expenses! It is a MUST SEE and USE!

This release was FULL of new functionality! We’d love for you to try them out and send us your feedback to your Customer Care representative.

If you missed the live broadcast, no worries, check out the video and Q&A, which are posted in the software under Online Resources – Release Information!