Walnut Valley USD Celebrates 15 Years with Escape

Fifteen years ago, Walnut Valley USD joined Escape as one of our Los Angeles County districts. Walnut Valley USD embraced Escape Classic modules for processing their purchasing documents, using an API for integration with the COE. They also implemented the Escape Online 4.0 Site Module, which was a browser-based software package for requisition processing and account inquiry.


In 2014, Walnut Valley USD moved to Escape Online 5. As you can see from their calendar year 2017 statistics (above), they are avid users of the software!

They are also a generous bunch, providing user-level perspective on real-world needs, like increasing the number of characters for a vendor name, instituting a rollback feature for year end processing of AR Invoices, and searching for stores requisitions that have not been fully received.

Walnut Valley USD has been a steady partner, always stopping by our booth at CASBO to say HI! Thanks for being a great customer and happy anniversary!