Webinar Reminder: Addon Basics on May 30

Are you registered for this week's webinar? You definitely do not want to miss it!  Our two addon experts (Carole and Jen Stahr) will cover the basics of Addon records. It will be held this Thursday, May 30th at 9:00 AM. The good news is… There's still time to REGISTER NOW!


Who should attend?

ALL Payroll Users

What will be covered?

  • Review Addons

    • Substitutes

    • Vacation Pay (Onetime or Ongoing)

    • Stipends

    • Longevity

    • Docking

  • Addon Overrides 

    • Employee Setup

    • Adjust Pay

    • Searching

  • Reports

    • Addon Audit (PayDtl01)

    • Addon Earnings (Pay36)

    • Addon Report (Pay33)

Carole Williams, Director of Escape Customer Care, and Jennifer Stahr, HR/Payroll QA Analyst, will be presenting the webinar and answering questions via the chatbox.