Welcome to 2017! 2016 was quite the year at Escape Technology

First, we want to wish everyone in school business a happy and healthy 2017.  It's going to be a great year. 

Naturally, here at Escape, we have many exciting plans for this upcoming year, all based around serving our growing customer base. But before we roll out 2017, I want to share some amazing news from the end of the year. 

2016 = 21 = #1 !

Yes, that's some funny math, isn't it? Since we are an accounting and payroll software company I'd better explain myself. First, I have to take you back to 1989. That's when myself and my two original partners, Chad Guest & Barry Collins, worked out the business plan we are still operating today. Back then we just had a few stand-alone departmental systems. We dreamed that we would create an integrated finance module. Then HR. Then Payroll. And if we accomplished that tall order, we would turn all that software into a County Office of Education appropriate system. 

Our mission is to serve as many end users and organizations as possible. With approximately 80% of the state's districts obtaining IT from their COE, a COE level system was imperative to achieving our goals.


Ventura COE
Alameda COE

As we entered the 2000's, we had two COE's as customers, Ventura and Alameda, but we had not built a true COE level system. We got county-wide credentials working in our nascent Escape Online 5 system by 2003, but it wasn't until 2007 that the entire system was built and COE ready. 

And it has been quite a ride since then:


Placer COE
Lake COE
Sierra COE


Tehama COE
Sonoma COE
Modoc COE
Trinity COE


Alpine COE
Shasta COE


San Joaquin COE
Monterey COE


Plumas COE
Solano COE


Yuba COE


Santa Barbara COE


Del Norte COE


Calaveras COE
Butte COE
Nevada COE



And with the addition of Nevada COE, we became the number one provider of School Business software for California COE's. Our new COE count is 21, with the next provider having 19. And from what we are hearing, that count is likely to keep increasing. 

A warm welcome to the the Nevada COE staff, as well as employees of all the districts. We know it is going to be a great implementation and we are so happy you have joined the Escape family. 

Management team announces "WE ARE NUMBER ONE FOR COE'S IN CALIFORNIA!" at the 2016 Escape holiday party.

Management team announces "WE ARE NUMBER ONE FOR COE'S IN CALIFORNIA!" at the 2016 Escape holiday party.

Lastly, two heartfelt thank yous. We could not have achieved this milestone without the assistance of all our COE customers. Your support over the years has been very gratifying. The improvements we have made both to the Escape Online 5 system, as well as our processes, during each implementation pave the way to the next one. And, of course, our customers sharing their experience with our prospects is invaluable.

And then Team Escape! We have become a very special group - working with our end users, each other, building our system and our support to earn the number one spot. I'm grateful to each of you and so proud of our joint accomplishment.