When 10 + 8 = 187

Ten years ago we held the first Year End Closing webinar, and had eight connections. Ten Years later, we held the Year End Closing webinar and had 187 connections. That's when 10 + 8 = 187!!

Thank you to all who attended for making the 10th Webinar Anniversary so awesome!



There were so many great questions that came through the chat box and Amanda Erwin, Software Support Analyst, was able to answer each and every one of them! Great job, Amanda! All of the questions and answers can be found under Online Resources – Webinar Information.

I love showing the step-by-step for closing the books, but we know that the world isn't perfect. That's why I was happy to be able to show how to correct errors and problems that can come up during the Year End Closing session.

Don't forget that the webinar is recorded. So, when you’re ready to begin the closing process, watch the recording as a refresher!