We are so happy that you are interested in hosting a certification course. To host, you must be a customer of Escape Technology. The following outlines the process from the hosting perspective.

Hosting Tasks

  • Contact Escape regarding potential dates

  • Provide the following information:

    • Contact name

    • Address of facility (for directions)

    • List of local restaurants for catering and delivering breakfast and lunch

    • Setup for trainer’s computer (is one available or should Escape Trainer provide)

  • Determine if you want to have a proctor from your organization (optional. requires a minimum of 15 registrants)*

  • Prepare hosting arrangements for facilities (see below)

Escape Technology Tasks

  • Coordinate registration and payments

    • Minimum 15 students (if minimum is not reached, Escape will coordinate with hosting organization)

    • Maximum 20 students (maximum does not include proctor)

  • Order and have delivered morning snacks and lunch for students

  • Provide student arrangements for course (see below)

Hosting Arrangement for Facilities

  • Training room must accommodate 15-20 students

  • Each student must be provided a computer with Wi-Fi access and Escape client installed

  • Trainer’s computer must be provided with Wi-Fi access and a projector

  • Training room (or adjacent facility) must accommodate lunch area for attendees

Escape Technology Arrangement for Students

  • Name tags

  • Certification booklet for each student

  • Flash drive with attachments used during course instruction

  • Client connection information for scrambled training database hosted at Escape Technology in Roseville**

  • Link to online test for certification

 * One proctor per course. Proctor does not need to register or pay for the course. Proctor is provided a course booklet. Proctor may take the test and get certified, if approved by the instructor.

** Database is designed specifically for course requirements. The data is scrambled so that it is generic, safe and secure. It is not the database of the hosting organization.