County Office of Education

Escape Online 5 incorporates everything we know about a great school business system, designed and crafted for the COE environment. It is efficient and well-managed at the county level, a system that COEs can be proud to offer their district customers.

Multi-district operations, setup and support is easier than ever – no matter how large the county.

  • County-wide reporting and processes from a menu tree that is always available.
  • SQL backend designed to support any number of organizations.
  • Easy client installation downloaded by user visiting an intranet web page. Thereafter, any client software updates are installed automatically when the user logs in.
  • True Windows Server Management Console snap-in for complete system status.
  • Scalability for both server processes and databases across multiple servers.
  • Organization level system managers can be assigned to maintain their own setup, users, etc., while any COE level setup is restricted to COE system managers.
  • Any aspect of the database can be exported to a data warehouse for offline review and analysis by third-party tools.
  • Crystal Reports – a full set of standard reports, with the ability for a COE or district to exclude any of ours and/or include any of theirs.

Easy to Maintain and Expand

Escape Online 5 provides many benefits to COEs

  • True Windows client program — yet it is a thin client.
  • No installation/registration/update issues.
  • High productivity programming language (C#), with compiled EXEs running on either client or server.
  • Clients and servers communicating via HTTP with high security yet no firewall issues.
  • Easy access to server resources.
  • Crystal Reports runtime server.

County Level Fiscal Management

  • County Journal Entry
    • Enter Detail for Any Number of Orgs on One Screen
    • Auto Balance by Resource
    • Same JE Number Across County
    • Each Org Sees Only Their Detail
    • Workflow Approval and Notifications, Including Notifications to Organizations
  • Fiscal Year Status
    • At a Glance Information
    • Control of Annual Processes and Account Periods
    • Multi-year Budgeting
  • Account Access & Reporting Across the County
    • Easily Search/Report Across All Organizations
    • Approvals of JEs and Budget Transfers
  • Offline District Fiscal Oversight
    • View Accounts
    • Import Journal Entries
    • Reporting
  • SACS
    • Import Setup Tables from State
    • SACS Reports Show Errors
    • Account Entry SACS Interface
    • Produce Fund Form File
  • Payroll
    • Districts Submit Payrolls
    • County Approves Payroll, Sets Up All Necessary Updates, Files & Reports
    • Report Warehouse
  • Retirement
    • PERS/STRS Error Matrices Built-in
    • Dual Retirement
    • Alternative Retirement
    • Retirement for Online and Offline Districts
    • One Retirement File for Employee with Assignments at Multiple Districts
  • Credential
    • Directly Connects District Assignments with County Credentials
    • Pay Matrix Cross-references with Credential Pay Codes
    • Audit Districts for Compliance
    • Monitor Renewal Requirements and Track Status of Credentials and TCCs
    • Import Credentials from State Files

The COEs we currently support:

Customers Say

I love that I can go from the Finance module to the Payroll module with just a click or two. I don’t have to go all the way out and then turn around and log all the way back into something. It is really simple to use. It really truly is.
  ~ Chief Business Official

The system is sophisticated and provides extensive functionality, specifically designed for School Districts and County Offices.
  ~ County District Services

Ventura COE has worked with Escape Technology for many years now. From training to implementation support to custom software development, Escape has been creative and responsive. The system is sophisticated and provides extensive functionality, specifically designed for School Districts and County Offices. They continue to add new features, and we are excited about the future.  
~ Business Systems Manager 

As of today, we have been on the new Escape Online 5 system for a little over a week. The conversion went quite smooth; we were down for less than one day on July 1. Since then we have done a payroll run, several AP runs, and are now beginning budget revisions. All of the reports are showing the kinds of numbers we are expecting.  
~ Chief Business Officer