Data Conversions

The data conversion plan is a vital part of the implementation. We have numerous staff experienced in conversions, so we prefer to take on the bulk of this effort and allow our customers to focus on other tasks. However, your participation is required as is stated in some of the tasks outline below.


To date we have successfully completed data conversions for California County Offices of Education, K-12 districts, charters and junior colleges. These conversions have included full finance, HR, payroll and retirement data. We have completed successful data conversion projects from numerous school business systems.


Escape Technology uses standard SQL scripts and proprietary tools to convert historical data. For security purposes, all conversions must take place on the customer system.

The conversion plan is a joint effort between the customer and Escape staff. Here is a brief list of typical tasks:

  • Customer team identifies which tables to carry forward, including the number of years of historical data.

  • Jointly, teams review existing tables, pinpointing differences.

  • Jointly, teams decide which data can be successfully converted.

  • Customer team exports the data to text files or another format that works with Escape’s database SQL structure.

  • Escape team writes and verifies scripts for successful migration of data, using row counts, dollar totals, and any other means for validation.

  • Escape team writes scripts for performing conversions on a scheduled basis to accommodate district-by-district live dates, as well as module-by-module live dates, as required.

  • Customer verifies all data after it’s been imported.

Of course, this plan is modified to the specific needs of each customer, and the data conversion is considered part of the overall project plan and managed like any other task within the project.

Wrapping It Up

After the data is “copied” to your Escape server, we perform additional conversions as needed. These “interim” conversions allow us to synchronize any necessary changes with your production database and conduct parallel tests for mission-critical processes. Near the end of the project, the Escape team comes to your site for the final conversion, training, and deployment.

Customers Say

While our team was apprehensive and anxious about the conversion, the Escape team balanced it with calm and steadfast progression. The Escape Online 5 software is so user friendly, for the end user, that the RSD staff was quickly able to grasp most of their duty functions in the new program! There are absolutely no regrets of the decision to move forward with the new Escape Online 5.

~ RoseAnn Adams, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services
    Redding School District