Documentation / USER instruction

Our system has great documentation and other resources, all built right into the system!

  • Every screen has its own manual, just one click.
  • Many screens have training videos.
  • Every report has an extensive user guide with examples.
  • A number of other learning resources are available throughout the system.

Each time a major software version is released, a complete set of documentation is provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF.

We also provide information in a variety formats, ensuring that our kinesthetic and auditory learners have the tools they need to be successful and productive.  

On this page we will discuss the resources available to every user in more detail.


This is our name for documentation you can access directly from the activity. EVERY activity has a Tools menu with a link to a how-to. Most activities have video tutorials too!

Once you select the How-To, Escape Online displays the documentation in the work space in a PDF format. This means it has bookmarks (links to sections), search and zoom. And, you can print it, save it to your hard drive, even email it to a co-worker.

Or, you can watch a video. Click on the picture below and see an actual video that is available in our software.

From the Help Menu

It is one thing to see the documentation for the activity you are using, but what if you want the BIG picture. Based on your user permissions, the Help menu shows the manuals that are geared toward your job. If you are an AP user, you see the AP User Guide and other helpful manuals. If you are a system administrator, you see all of the manuals available to all of the users.

Online Resources

The Online Resources module is a customizable module that provides extra information. Every customer has the module, including our basic list of links to resources that will help you use Escape Online 5 more efficiently.

The standard links include:

  • Escape Online Knowledge Base
  • Friday Features - A list of the most recent Friday Features.
  • Release Information - Access to release notes, known issues and the always irreverent Top 10 videos.
  • Webinar Information - Links to register for upcoming webinars, handouts for previous webinars, including recordings.
  • Escape Guides - Training handouts, like requisition processing, Escape Keys and the role matrix.
  • Templates - Word templates for some of our more common report extracts.
  • Tutorials - All of the ones available via the Tools menu in each activity, plus a couple of extra tutorials that are not related to a specific activity but contain great information!
  • Newsletters - Links to the most recent monthly newsletters.

Online Resources makes all of this information a click away, launching in your work space just like any other activity.

Plus, Online Resources allows customers to add their own links for processes or internal help!