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Escape Online is the most powerful fund accounting and HR/payroll system available to education. An intuitive, comprehensive system designed from specifically for the unique needs of education. Escape Online is not just a collection of individual modules. It is a system designed as a complete, fully-integrated solution, running in an online, real-time environment.

Escape Online was created for charters, districts, community colleges and County Offices of Education (COE). Partnering with two large County Offices of Education and with extensive feedback from other COEs and districts, we developed a County Office of Education system from the ground up. The database allows users to see across organizations and fiscal years. COE-level setup and security is built-in. While districts have the autonomy they need, COEs have the oversight they want. The system seamlessly combines data access and business rules with automation and intuitive workflow.



Escape Online is designed to work as a fully integrated financial solution, running in an online/real-time environment. Simply stated, this means everything happens as users perform their work. Every dollar is accounted for. Auditing is built in. Year end closing is automated.


Human Resources

The amount of data managed by HR in a school district is phenomenal. Thus, our design is incredibly comprehensive and flexible. Position Control drives both Budget and Payroll. People usually have to see this for themselves, because it seems too good to be true.



Payroll is driven by position control. It is designed to use the existing finance and HR data. Only exceptions are entered. Everything is date-based and logically made available to technicians. Cascading setup makes changes simple. Make a change to system pay setup and it cascades to the employee

Customers Say...

I love that I can go from the Finance module to the Payroll module with just a click or two. I don’t have to go all the way out and then turn around and log all the way back into something. It is really simple to use. It really truly is.
— Chief Business Officer