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Escape Online is designed to work as a fully integrated financial solution, running in an online, real-time environment. This means everything happens as you perform your work.

We’ve designed Escape Online to automate many tasks, so it’s doing much more work, eliminating the need for you to perform repetitive and manual tasks. 

Accounts, vendors, requisitions, journal entries, invoices and many other records are all in one package with full audit capabilities and sophisticated approval and notification routing through a message center or email.



The star of the show is Position Control-based Budgeting. Budgeting uses the Payroll application to project salaries and benefit accounts, including planned changes (step/column for example). A dedicated budget entry activity can be used to provide access at the site level. Budget also includes dozens of text and graphical reports. 

Unlimited budget models means lots of what-if scenarios are easy to create, including multi-year projections and interim budget adjustments. Multi-year projections for three and five-year projections are built-in with all of the power of model scenarios. Choose from multiple options with interim budgeting, depending on your budgeting workflow.

I’m so relieved to be done AND I feel good about what’s in the budget. I absolutely love ESCAPE!!!!! I see where we can tighten up our position control in personnel, so that next year when we roll our salaries we won’t have so many projected salaries that aren’t really needed.
— Director, Accounting and Budget

COE Controls

County Offices of Education have a fiduciary responsibility to school districts. Escape Online supports this with COE control throughout the system. Budgets can be tentatively approved, proving funds for districts while reviewed by the County Office of Education. Deposits and accounts payable can be routed through workflow approvals to COE users. Check printing, cancelling, and stale-dating can be dedicated at the COE level. Of course, cash and certain journal entries can be controlled separately by the COE, including routing for approval and defining separate cash close dates. COE users can see across all organizations (or only a few, if need be) and across all fiscal years.

Ventura COE has worked with Escape Technology for many years now. From training to implementation support to custom software development, Escape has been creative and responsive. The system is sophisticated and provides extensive functionality, specifically designed for School Districts and County Offices. They continue to add new features, and we are excited about the future.
— Business Systems Manager

General Ledger

Journal entries are the heart of the Finance system. Accounts, vendors, requisitions, journal entries, invoices and other finance records are related with full audit capabilities and sophisticated approval and notification routing through a message center or email.

The accounting of cash is built-in. Investment management would be handled through a third party.

All of Escape Online’s data is real time. As users update records, all users can see the updates, including account balance changes.

Escape Online has over 640 reports, including regulatory reports for governmental agencies.

Boy, I am really impressed. It is so simple to go out and run a period ending report. Almost one step.
— Chief Business Officer


Online Shopping

Users can create and process requisitions in Escape Online using a secure shopping cart. We support shopping via Office Depot, Amazon, School Specialty, Frey Scientific, Southwest School & Office Supply, CDW-G, Give Something Back, and the list keeps growing.


Requisitions & Special Payments

We have been processing school district requisitions and purchase orders for over 30 years. From requisition to check, every step is electronic and automated with user permissions and workflow routing driving the process. When a requisition is submitted, the amount is encumbered automatically. You can print, copy, change, cancel and approve, all electronically, all audited.We support all types of requisitions and special payments: vendor requisitions (with receiving), direct payments, employee payments, vendor payments, stores requisitions and returns, and department requisitions for your in-house needs.

Believe me, my staff is happy and excited to have Escape! I have been training departments and starting on site staff. After a one-on-one hour everyone has left just as excited. The positive thing is all have found the program easy to learn and so easy I have had few further questions. Big kudos to Escape!
— Director of Fiscal Operations

Accounts Payable

AP clerks have a wide variety of options. They can process payments via a requisition (see below), create a direct payment to a vendor or non-vendor, and create employee payments. Requisitions flow directly into payments, with accounts and receiving playing a major role in the automated processing. Year-end automation rounds out the functionality, with single-click features for carrying over, releasing funds and completing.

The Vendor record is very flexible. Vendors can be set up with multiple addresses/contacts, ACH processing, email POs, and automated 1099 processing. We also have the capability of separating payroll vendors from finance vendors through user-based permissions.


Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable includes recording bank deposits, creating and viewing journal entries, creating and viewing receivables and invoices, processing receipts (with or without customer records), viewing accounts, and running reports. Your AR clerks have a variety of options for entering receipts: one-off, batch, import, and direct edit. We have an activity dedicated to bank reconciliation. The software automates much of the process, reconciling ACHs and deposits with a few clicks. Checks are verified through journal entries and other records.

We have robust invoicing, including recurring invoices for monthly, quarterly and biannually.


SACS Reporting

Escape Online is fully compliant with SACS: importing directly from the CDE web site, validating upon entry, rollup values, Fundform files.



Workflows are fully customizable, allowing you to define a document’s life cycle, including approvals and notifications. Workflows speed up the approval process for all different kinds of finance documents by defining approvers and notifications, assigning buyers, and setting up approval routing. This built-in flexibility means that Escape Online adapts to your business rules.

When an event occurs, you decide what happens next. Notifications of processing steps, including denials, can be sent to users by email

I like how easy workflows are, how are you are to set up your workflow on account components and/or amounts. You’re even able to do it by department, like including our tech department based on the account components or including HR on every independent contractor requisition. Now, our sites key in their orders, iving them the access they need to be able to go back later and review orders and payments.
— Business Office



We support extensive importing and exporting capabilities, like journal entries, budget data, and payment transactions to name a few. Every list in the system can be exported to Excel with a click of the button. More complex records, like journal entries and employees, support exporting detailed information from the list. Many of our reports have a dedicated export option to Excel. In fact, any report can be exported to a CSV, XML or HTML file, and a variety of other options.

Stores Inventory

The Stores Item record keeps all of the information together, like the item’s stock number, available, on-hand, on-order and back ordered quantities, as well as the order and issue price.

Stores management is done simply another requisition, which updates inventory automatically via receipts and issues. All receiving is automated, with an easy issue process that is performed right on a list.

Fixed Assets

Any line item on a PO can be designated as a fixed asset, and once received Asset record(s) are created automatically. Assets can be assigned to departments, employees and locations. Straight-line depreciation is simple. Assets can also be associate with other assets, especially useful for capital assets.

Work Orders

Escape Online work orders, similar to requisitions, automate your process. Administrative users can enter the orders, including the ability to attach pictures or other document types. You may set up your work orders to require approvals, manage employees and their crafts, track costs for labor and materials, and charge to the site or any account.

You can also assign projects and responsibilities and set up dates for preventative maintenance.

Customers Say...

Escape rocks because between attachments and emailing POs, it is allowing us to streamline towards a paperless office.
— Technician, Business Services
The reports and processes recommended by Escape Customer Care have been working great... Five months of reconciliations in just a week! I’ve balanced a total of 11 months in February, and hope to get 2 or 3 more done by tomorrow evening!
— Administrative Clerk, Business Office