Customers Say

I’m so relieved to be done AND I feel good about what’s in the budget. I absolutely love ESCAPE!!!!! I see where we can tighten up our position control in personnel, so that next year when we roll our salaries we won’t have so many projected salaries that aren’t really needed. 
~ Director, Accounting and Budgeting 

The reports and processes recommended by Escape Customer Care have been working great! I began with Sept 2010 on 2/20 and have just finished balancing Jan. 2011. Five months of reconciliations in just a week! I’ve balanced a total of 11 months in February, and hope to get 2 or 3 more done by tomor­row evening.
~ Administrative Clerk, Business Office 

Year end has been a dream and this summer has not been stressful. 
~ Director of Fiscal Services 

Escape Online is very easy to navigate. 
~ Accounting Manager 

Boy, I am really impressed. It is so simple to go out and run a period ending report. Almost one step. 
 ~ Chief Business Official 

As a charter organization with multiple charters, we can use the account codes to report all of our separate school funds and then use the SACS to rollup so we can do our non-profit reporting. It gives a much more complete reporting for each independent charter as well as putting the whole organization together.
~ Chief Business Officer