Say you need to hire or terminate an employee. Or, maybe you need to change accounts in a position because a grant fund has changed. Wouldn’t it be great if you could fill out a requisition, send it for approvals and have the changes made automatically, just like ordering from Amazon?

You can with Escape Technology’s human resource authorizations.

Automate the HR Process

Escape human resource authorizations (HRA) do the work for you!These HR workflows are electronic change requests for employees, assignments, pay and all related items. Virtually any HR/Payroll task you can perform manually can be automated, using HR workflows.

Save Time

Not only do HRAs save time, but they eliminate the paper trail, replacing verbal and handwritten approvals with an electronic trail and streamlining the process. And, it is all connected to the employee’s record, available for searching and historical purposes. No duplication of effort.


Supervisors and Managers Love It

Each personnel action request can be routed for approval, assigned as a task (or To Do) or used for generating notifications to stakeholders. Supervisors can use the Employee Online Portal for approvals and notifications, making the information available at all times.

Employees Love It, Too

HRAs can also be initiated from the Employee Online Portal for employees to submit tax changes.


Dozens of Options

We have dozens of basic HR workflows ready to be installed. On the employee side, workflows can handle practically any kind of change, including leaves, additional earnings, demographic changes, or separations. On the assignment side, tasks such as changes to accounts, FTE or a new assignment can be generated using an HRA. On the position end of things, HRAs can help handle a new, changing or ending position, or a vacancy, even recruiting.

Customers Say...

We have gone paperless. Before, we were forever trying to figure out which desk those pieces of paper were on. And with the workflow, we know exactly where it is and how long it has been there. It has been a tremendous time saver and I have actually eliminated two filing cabinets from my desk since we started into Escape.
— Business Manager