customers say:

Just wanted to let you know I did a mass add on evals for classified employees and it worked PERFECTLY! I pulled the batch and deleted those employees that had already had an eval submitted because I did not want to double up and I checked that probationary employees were not in the batch, added my criteria and finally posted the evals. It worked!!! This is going to make my job so much easier every year!!! 
~ Personnel Clerk, HR Division 

Having position control as accurate as possible is critical to a sound budget. For us, position control is actually built by our HR department and the assignments are put in by payroll and then we pull all that data into budget, knowing that it is accurate and as up-to-date as possible. Escape Online saves my department a lot of time.
  ~ Business Manager

I love the Salary Matrix report, especially how the user can choose the different info for including in the report. 
   ~ Chief Fiscal Officer 

I really enjoy the History tabs where you are able to view who changed what, and when they changed it. 
~ Payroll/Benefits Supervisor

I really like the employee maintenance activity. It puts it all in one place...very nice!
  ~ Fiscal Assistant