Infrastructure Overview

In the technology business, change is ongoing and inevitable. Running a large, enterprise class system such as Escape Online 5 involves numerous technologies from other vendors, most often Microsoft. There are a core group of technologies required that we are calling the Infrastructure Technologies.

The main purpose of this article is to document, discuss and plan for future technologies that will affect Escape and our customers. These technologies are always on the table for discussion at our various user groups. Our intent is to let all voices be heard, and integrate our timelines based on requirements and technology adoptions by our customers, whenever possible.

We understand that our customers have financial, training and logistical issues regarding utilization of all these technologies. Our goal is to be ready to support these various technologies at the point when our customers want to utilize them. At the same time, we do not want to fall very far behind the currently supported versions of major technologies. So it is a balancing act between what customers can implement, what Escape can effectively migrate to, and what Microsoft encourages all of us to adopt.

As a Certified Microsoft Partner, we have access to early releases of all these technologies and are able to begin testing them long before our customers consider implementing them.

In order to provide a complete picture, especially for someone new to the world of Escape, we are also presenting the currently supported technologies as well as past technologies. Within the Future, Present and Past technologies sections, we will address desktop, server and database technologies.