Escape Online customers want Escape to connect to their other business software. They have driven the list of technologies with which we interface. We work closely with customers and their vendors to create seamless interfaces with third party technologies. Are you interested in know more about our interfaces?


Document Management Software

Automatically import or archive AP and Payroll information.

Substitute Management

We created a task for importing employee leave usage (i.e. sick leave) and the associated substitute pay information for the following substitute management systems.  

TSA Files

For our customers that use third-party vendors to administer their retirement/benefit plans, we created interfaces that automatically create files in the appropriate format, every payday, for Envoy and MidAmerica.

Asset Inventory

We have supported fixed asset inventory using the Worth Data line of products for over 20 years, and continue to add support for more products.

Student Information Systems

We developed and implemented an interface to the Aeries SIS system to import staff and job information. The interface can be configured to run as often as needed. This saves users time and reduces errors by eliminating dual entry.

Online Shopping

We have integrated online shopping cart technology to develop a seamless interface to Escape Online finance requisitions, with approval routing and line item receiving built-in. We work with vendors, adding them as they become available.