We have two licensing options, a cloud-based, hosted solution, which we refer to as XCOE and an on premise implementation, where the customer maintains the application and database servers at their location.


XCOE (Cloud-Based)

The XCOE implementation is our hosted solution that has advantages that no other vendor can offer.

In 2008, we were approached by several small COEs that wanted to implement our Escape Online, but did not have the IT resources required. We offered them a hosted system, but issues regarding availability, security of payroll data and other factors forced us to get more creative. A public school entity needs to know that their system and data will be safe no matter what happens. A failure of any kind by a private company doing the hosting would be catastrophic.

We entered into an agreement with the Placer County Office of Education to resolve the risks associated with hosting. We call this arrangement “Project XCOE.” Let’s take a look:

Placer COE provides:

  • Physical computer room space for equipment owned/leased by Escape Technology.

  • Access to the space as required. Security for the space.

  • Redundant connections to the California High Speed Network, a private network running at 10gb.

  • Power and AC. Backup propane generator.

  • Some IT services, such as regularly checking Escape’s equipment.

  • Acting as a central source code repository.

Escape Technology provides:

  • Multiple HP and Dell/EMC application and database servers, configured with Windows Hyper-V.

  • Redundant firewall/load balancers.

  • Licenses for servers, SQL, CAL’s, as required.

  • Backup Solution for data and program files (LiveVault Offsite Secure Backup and file replication to secured internal location).

  • IT Management of server hardware/software.

  • Application management for updates, issues, etc.

Additionally, there is a business continuity plan in place. Should Escape Technology fail as a business, Placer COE will continue to operate Project XCOE for a minimum of 12 months. It has the right to distribute the program, the databases and source code to any entity under contract.

In summary, this partnership provides for a very cost effective SAAS/Hosted model that we make available to our customers. We now have thirteen COEs and their districts, as well as three charters, utilizing Project XCOE. It has been extremely successful.

XCOE Customers provide:

The only technology required for XCOE is an adequate connection to the internet and our client software on your PCs/laptops/tablets



On Premise

The on premise implementation is an excellent environment for County Offices of Education and large school districts.

One server acts as the database server, running MS SQL Server. All requests for data from the App Servers are processed by this server.

App servers host the Escape Online application services. Our system is made up of hundreds of services, which respond to requests by users.

  • Clients connect to servers randomly. Having one more physical server than required means one entire server can fail and not significantly impact the system.

  • Local storage. There is no local storage requirement other than the OS and our service assemblies. Thus, big disks are not required. We are recommending SSD’s for speed, power and heat considerations.

  • Virtualization. All our customers are using virtualization to enable multiple virtual servers on physical servers. This provides a robust and failsafe environment around their mission critical applications.

  • Load Balancing. Most of our customers utilize load-balancing devices to spread client connections automatically across application servers.

The customer purchases the hardware and manages the Escape Online application. Escape Technology implements the software and provides support for authorized staff..