Escape's Employee Online Portal is a convenient, self-service, browser-based portal that is integrated with Escape Online. It gives employees and supervisors access to leaves, employee demographics, employee documents and more.


Employees Have Convenient Access

Employees have visibility to their file, including dependents, positions, leave history, education records and credentials.

Employees can view summary information from the last pay stub, such as earnings, tax withholding, miscellaneous deductions and State and Federal W4 information. Recent paychecks, W2 and 1095 Statements can all be downloaded with one click in PDF format.

Employees can submit updates for demographic changes, like address and emergency information, saving office time and paperwork. Districts define which fields are available for submission and approval routing.


Secure & Reliable

The Employee Online Portal is a completely secure website, with strong password and two-factor authentication, and is conveniently available anytime and anywhere on computers, tablets and smartphones.


My Payroll

The Employee Online Portal provides employees access not only to pay stubs, W2 and 1095 statements, but also to the Payroll Calculator. Employees can try out a variety of what-if scenarios. Once employees are happy with their calculations, they can submit a tax change request.

Employees can try different scenarios for changes to taxes, like marital status, allowances, or earnings amounts, and see the results of their changes. Then, they can submit a request to change their withholdings. Finally, it goes through the approval process before posting, and sending employee notification via email.

My Information

It’s simple for employees to access their information in Employee Online Portal. Updates to demographics including addresses and emergency contacts are easy to make. Employees may also view their current and past assignments with FTE and job category; check their credential issue and expire dates; and view education record such as degrees, licenses, and EL authorizations.



My Benefits

With Employee Online Portal, important information regarding leave balances, like sick, vacation and personal time are displayed on a single easy-to-understand screen. Health and welfare benefits are also available with current and past benefits and dependent names and their coverage.

My Team

Escape's Employee Online Portal lets supervisors view their team’s information, like employee name and contact information, assignments, job location, and email.

Want to dive a little deeper? Click details to see education credits and degrees, current and upcoming leaves, scheduled evaluations and evaluators.



Sending Documents to Employees

Sending documents or reports to a single employee or a group of employees is a breeze with Escape’s Employee Online Portal. In Escape Online create an employee distribution list, choose the document and securely send it to the Employee Online Portal to all on the list.

Does the document require acknowledgement or an “agree/disagree” response from the employee? Employees can click their selection, and Escape Online will record the employees’ response in the Employee record, if needed. No response? Easily send follow-up emails to any employee who has not responded.

Customers Say...

We love the Portal for employees to get check stub and W2 copies. No more phone calls! We also love sending the Employee Notification out to employees through Portal and requiring an agree/disagree!
— Business Services Specialist
I love being able to see all the personal data that’s set up in the software.
— Director of Accounting
All the new features have made it much easier for supervisors to approve time.
— Fiscal Service Technician
Being able to use the tax calculator - a great tool for employees.
— Accounting Director