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Our HR/Payroll functionality provides extensive record keeping and reporting capabilities for maintaining human resource information and paying employees. It also provides for true position control based budgeting, as well as being the basis for position pay computed by Payroll. The system swiftly calculates earnings, taxes, deductions, retirement and net pay for all employees.


Pay is Always Computed

All aspects of payroll are streamlined. Feedback is instant. Payroll is designed to automate the payroll process, using setup records to enable any monthly data entry to be as easy and as minimal as possible. Pay for the entire fiscal year is always computed, and computes in real time as changes to employees are made. The only hand entry required is for those employees that have truly variable pay (such as hourly) or one-time changes. It is fully integrated with HR, Retirement, and Budget.

Payroll Processing

Escape’s payroll processing has something for everybody. Districts are in charge at the micro level – doing what they do best, ensuring accurate pay for their employees by checking for differences and making needed adjustments. County Offices of Education are in charge at the macro level - approving the payroll and managing the check, ACH and API files. Automation is built-in, including posting labor journal entries, encumbering salaries, and granting seniority.

COEs have complete control of the final pay through approvals, including error logic and locking districts from making additional changes. Once the COE approves the payroll, all necessary updates, files & reports are generated automatically.

Escape Online has dramatically reduced our COE payroll processing time when compared to our “old” system. Our EOM payroll went from taking us 2 complete days (16 hours) down to 4 hours, and our SUP went from 1 day (8 hours) to 1.5 hours!
— Directory, Integrated Fiscal Services

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STRS and PERS processing is completely automated in Escape Online. Our users do not specify retirement coding for positional pay or other pay. Retirement detail lines are known and ready for review as soon as payroll is computed, but of course, adjustments can be made.

Effective and accurate retirement processing is a primary focus. STRS and PERS error matrices are built in. County retirement processing is in one activity with access to online & offline employees.

In a teleconference with my counterparts from a couple of other southern counties, the subject of readiness for the CalSTRS employee and employer rate changes came up. They were quite impressed that Escape had done the necessary programming and that the new rate guidelines have been implemented.
— Retirement Specialist

ACA Reporting

Escape Online maintains ACA information as pay is processed. A dedicated activity gives payroll users the ability to review each employee’s information on a monthly basis. With the verification of all information complete, they can close each month and move on. At the end of the year, the COE or districts can print the employee portion and upload the government required file. We support both look-back and measurement methods, including employee opt-out and employer self-insured flags for automated processing.

Escape should be very proud of its ACA software functionality, and its ability to take a very complex set of requirements and develop such a powerful, logical and user-friendly product.
— Director, Fiscal Services


Benefits Maintenance

Escape Online has extensive cascading logic for benefit processing, including proration based on FTE, hours, cap processing, benefit provider records, benefit levels, annualization, dependent relationships, coverage types, and employee cap/FTE override.

Retro Payroll


Escape Online makes processing retro payroll easy by automating the process for you. Escape gives you the flexibility you need to define the retro specific to your agreement, such as off-schedule percent increase, or a salary schedule change. You define which pay is included in the retro, by additional pay item (i.e. stipends, sub pay, etc.) and whether to include inactive employees. For salary schedule changes, Escape Online compares the actual earnings to the computed earnings and pays the difference. We also give you the ability to retroactively update accounts for positional pay and addon (extra) pay. Dedicated activities are available for fixing the ledger when project account numbers change, automatically updating all journal entries and related records.

Escape Online has made the retro process very convenient, whether it is on the base pay or the vacation pay or longevity. You can just plug it in and it calculates it for you. And you can check it ahead of time. And then you just say, process it and it does it all for you. It is very nice and clean.
— Payroll Technician


W2 Processing

Escape Online maintains W2 information as pay is processed. A set of dedicated activities allow for easy W2 printing and uploading at either the district or COE level. Editing can be accomplished easily through special processing, keeping W2 information secure and accurate.


Credential Auditing

Credentials are directly connected to payroll, matching employee assignments to credentials requirements.

District Credential Processing. Certificated assignment are matched with employee credentials based on the job class or account component, forcing a pay hold for any that do not match. Proactive renewal letters are easy to definte and run.

Count Credential Processing. Effortlessly track the status of credentials and TCCs with snapshot reports and applicant processing for new credentials. Monitor renewal requirements, add supplementary authorizations, issue temporary COE certificates (TCC), grant emergency credentials and audit districts for compliance with legal requirements.

Customers Say...

Processing payroll at the COE level in Escape Online 5 is simply amazing! It’s structured, secure, user-friendly, and basically easy. Plus, in the off chance that an extraordinary situation arises during the process, Escape Online 5 allows you to rollback any of the steps in an easy fashion. Escape Online 5 has dramatically reduced our COE payroll processing time when compared to our “old” system. Our EOM payroll went from taking us 2 complete days (16 hours) down to 4 hours, and our SUP went from 1 day (8 hours) to 1½ hours!
— Director, Integrated Fiscal Services
I love the Salary Matrix report, especially how the user can choose the different info for including in the report.
— Chief Fiscal Officer
I was working on my STRS report yesterday and the functionality is wonderful. This is one of the areas our previous system was lacking. There are so many things that work really well in Escape.
— Director of Business Services
Have I told you how much I love the Position Account Retro? Love, love, love!!!
— Director of Business Services