• Designed for Success. Payroll truly driven from Position Control! Designed around the idea that the existing finance and HR data will all be utilized. Only the exceptions are entered, and everything is logically made available to technicians.
  • Accurate Retros. Set up multiple "what-ifs" for differences or percent increases. Compare the actual earnings to the computed earnings based on new salary schedules – and pay the difference.
  • Unlimited Setup. Unlimited accounts for a position, direct deposits per employee, TSAs, deductions.

Payroll Is Always Computed

Always know what is going to be paid, what has been paid, when, and how much.

Nearly all pay is driven directly from Position Control. Our payroll mantra is: have users do the least work possible. It’s “exception based.” If there is a magic month where no employee requires OT or some other adjustment, there just wouldn’t be anything to do. On payroll day, fire off payroll processing.

There is a lot more you are going to like. Fantastic retro pay processing. Summer pay is completely automated. And when mid-year position changes happen, the system corrects summer withholdings. How about automated position account retros that create JEs to move the expense from where it was to where it is supposed to be? 

Saving time equals saving money. But we took that to a new level with our email ACH process. Every employee can have their payroll advice securely and conveniently emailed to them, saving the time and expense of printing, stuffing and distributing the paper. This one feature alone is saving our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention quite a few trees.

Easy Access. Escape Online interfaces with popular substitute systems, with checks and payroll history in a dedicated activity that quickly generates a snapshot.

Approval Process Built-in. For COEs that control pay for districts, submission/approval and error logic (and locking) guides pay day processing for the districts. Once the COE approves the payroll, all necessary updates, files & reports are generated automatically.

Simplified Retirement

It’s been said that we have a retirement system that also pays people. STRS and PERS processing is completely automated in Escape Online 5. Our users do not specify retirement coding for positional pay or other pay. The system knows it. And, of course, adjustments can be made.

Effective and accurate retirement processing is a primary focus. The STRS “Get it Right” matrix is built-in, as is a rule matrix for PERS and other state systems.

County retirement processing in one activity with access to online & offline employees.

Retro payrolls

Set up multiple “what-ifs” for differences or percent increases. 

Escape Online makes retros easy by automating the process for you, including retirement reporting. And, it gives you two ways to perform the change: by salary schedule adjustments or by percentage. Escape Online compares the actual earnings to the computed earnings and pays the difference.

What-if Scenarios. You decide who to include (active/inactive) and what kind of pay (position or non-position). Easily create multiple what-ifs, with integrated review and posting processes.

Report Warehouse

Payroll, budget and HR personnel work from the same set of information. A complete set of reports, just a click away, rounds out the functionality.

Payroll reports are generated automatically everytime payroll is approved.

  • Permanent History
  • Available Any Time

Plus, you can schedule reports to run daily, weekly, quarterly, annually. Arrive at the office to a fresh report in your My Reports activity. You can save “favorite” parameters for a report so you don’t have to fill it in, just pick the favorite and you are on your way! This advanced report functionality, favorites and scheduling, is available for every report a user runs!

Integrated with HR and Budget

Integration streamline all aspects of payroll. Feedback is instant. Ingenious setup records enable monthly data entry to be as easy as possible. Payroll has been designed to highly automate the payroll process. It is fully integrated with HR and Budget. 

Nothing is duplicated — everything is integrated.

Salaries and benefits are loaded into budget from position control and payroll.

  • Mass Changes
  • What-ifs for Contrib Rates

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Customers Say

Processing payroll at the COE level in Escape Online 5 is simply amazing! It’s structured, secure, user-friendly, and basically easy. Plus, in the off chance that an extraordinary situation arises during the process, Escape Online 5 allows you to rollback any of the steps in an easy fashion. Escape Online 5 has dramatically reduced our COE payroll processing time when compared to our “old” system. Our EOM payroll went from taking us 2 complete days (16 hours) down to 4 hours, and our SUP went from 1 day (8 hours) to 1½ hours!
 ~ Director, Integrated Fiscal Services

Escape Online has made the retro process very convenient, whether it is on the base pay or the vacation pay or longevity. You can just plug it in and it calculates it for you. And you can check it ahead of time. And then you just say, process it and it does it all for you. It is very nice and clean.
  ~ Payroll Technician

I was working on my STRS report yesterday and the functionality is wonderful. This is one of the areas our previous system was lacking. There are so many things that work really well in Escape.
  ~ Director of Business Services

In a teleconference with my counterparts from a couple of other southern counties, the subject of readiness for the CalSTRS employee and employer rates changes came up. They were quite impressed that Escape had done the necessary programming and that the new rate guidelines have been implemented. 
  ~ Retirement Specialist