Quality Assurance

Escape Online 5 is a living product. It has customers that are live, and customers that are implementing. We have three to four releases of the entire system each year. In addition we have bi-monthly report releases.

On average, our releases contain about 750 new features, enhancements and fixes each year. It's QA's job to insure that every one is working properly.

Here is an overview of our testing goals:

  • Use test procedures and scripts that are repeatable and consistent.
  • Unit test change requests to provide feedback quickly to development so they can resolve issues before they reach the customer.
  • Integration test the entire system.

To achieve these goals, we perform the following tasks for every release:

  • Unit test each change, ensuring the change was made as requested.
  • Perform payroll compares for several different counties and districts, where we process pay on the current software and the new software, comparing the outcome to identify differences.
  • Perform budget compares, where we compare the same budget in both the current and new software, comparing the budget figures to identify differences.
  • Integration & regression testing of the release, where we run the software as a whole, ensuring that all of the changes in the release work together.

Our hope is to find and fix all issues before the software reaches our customers. But, even with our best intentions, sometimes our software is released with issues. When we find an issue, we publish it on our Known Issues List with a change number request and post it in the documentation, which is available in the software. "Hot fixes" are made available to all customers as required.