Our system now has over 620 reports. Plus we have  “snapshot” reports, which are designed for a single transaction (or list, like a list of requisitions). All reports offer extensive ad hoc query capability and most offer several output styles. Reports are viewed on the screen, but you can print any part or export to Microsoft Excel!

In 2014, our users ran 2,925,214 reports, generating 29,254,024 pages. 

It may seem like a report is just a report, but an easy-to-read report is truly a thing of beauty. Bold fonts, gray lines highlighting important elements and a format that works for printed and online viewing can be as useful as the data itself.

Take a look at just a handful of the hundreds and hundreds (!) of reports you can produce using Escape Online.

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And, you don't have to "go" anywhere. You can view the report right in Escape Online.

When a report is run, a Report tab is opened automatically and the report is loaded.

Over 90% of our reports finish is less than 5 seconds!

But if you don't want to wait, you can close the activity (even the software) and the report will run on the server; ready for you when you log back in.

Running Reports - anyone can do it!

The screen above shows a partial list of reports that are available to users that have access to Employee reports in Placer County Office of Education. This list makes it easy to pick the report you want.

Notice the "highlighted" reports - Employee311, Employee310, and Employee110? These are Placer COE versions of Escape Online standard reports Employee11 and Employee10. We have made it easy for either us or our customers to create their own versions and make them available to the users. Our COE customers can even define reports that are designed specifically for one or more of their organizations.

Every report includes "ad hoc" filtering

Each report's request form is uniquely designed for its report.

Notice the "Report Sample" field (3rd one down)? This will open a PDF sample of the report, so you can see how it is used, what the options are, and actually view a sample of the printed report. Here is a sample: Employee Information Report that you can take a look at.

Each report has a set of "report filter" criteria you can choose from. Remember, most fields have lookup windows (Sort/Group1 displayed in the picture above). Most lookups allow you to select multiple codes, making reports even more aligned with your exact needs.

Almost every report allows for flexible sorting and grouping (like you see in the picture).

View the report on-screen immediately

Every report includes the following features:

  • Quickly jump to any page
  • Search on any text or number
  • Print any range of pages
  • Export to PDF
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to Word
  • Email the report
  • Save report parameters to a "favorite"
  • Up to 20 favorites per report
  • Favorites can be shared
  • Zoom In / Out

Schedule Reports

Want to run a report every week? Every month? Every other Monday? No problem! Escape Online includes the ability to schedule report favorites. The scheduler is similar to what you see in Microsoft Outlook calendars, with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules. You can specify start/end dates, too! Once scheduled, Escape Online automatically runs the report (based on your permissions) at the scheduled time and saves it to My Reports!

My Reports/Report Warehouse

Every time you run a report, it is sent to My Reports (a "personal" warehouse). If a report is run for you or forwarded to you, it shows up in My Reports. By default, each report you run remains in your My Reports for two weeks.

You can also set up specific tasks (like payroll approval or 1099 processing) to automatically send reports to a secure, system-wide report warehouse.

Customers Say

I love the new data grid feature and all the customizable reports. Every time I look at the Escape system I find something new that makes my job easier. I like the webinars and release notes because they really help me find all the new features quickly. I have also enjoyed working with the Escape staff and I appreciate the “Yes we can” customer service approach. 
~ Human Resources Specialist 

I am in love (with ESCAPE reports). Looks great, just what I need.  
~ Chief Business Officer 

Escape Online is so easy to use, even a Sup can use it. I run my own reports every week. 
~ Superintendent

I really love the reports. They are so easy to read and understand. 
~ Dir. of Business & Fiscal Services