Escape Research and Development

Escape Online 5 is being developed with the latest development tools and system architecture. We have regularly scheduled releases and are committed to the continual improvement of our software. We have two departments that support the development process.

Escape Development

This department is our group of developers that write new software and fix software errors. We tend to have some specialization. Thus, some people do Finance, others Payroll, others Reports. A few cross the boundaries, but everyone is well-versed in school business and what our software "is all about" from the user's perspective.

Escape Research

This department is continually working on:

  • The architecture of the client, the server, and the communications between them
  • Performance
  • The actual look and feel - how the user interacts with the Escape Online 5 system
  • Database design
  • Integration of third party products or capabilities
  • Ongoing improvements in our development platform, Microsoft's .Net