At regular intervals, Escape Technology releases updated Escape Online software. We have found that this allows our customers to test and install releases in a more timely, scheduled manner. We have a very structured approach that makes this process quite smooth. Here is how it works:

  • We develop a list of CRs (which means “change request” and is how we track features and fixes) for current users and implementations.

  • We closely monitor the progress of the CRs through the release cycles and make adjustments as necessary.

  • CRs are “released” to quality assurance, where they are unit tested, making sure that CR works as specified.

  • CRs are then tested in an integrated environment, making sure that the current software and the new features and fixes work together as expected.

  • We bundle it all together in a “build” and release to customers with updated documentation.

After each software release of Escape Online, we hold a "release review" webinar, which highlights the important changes included in the release. The Release Review, along with every webinar, includes a downloadable PowerPoint, handouts, and a follow-up Q&A document.

After you register, we send a link to you with instructions for attending the webinar and downloading the training materials. If you cannot attend the live presentation, you can view the recording and the materials (including the Q&A from the chat box) from the Online Resources module of Escape Online.


Release Schedule

Generally, Escape Technology releases software to customers four times per year, scheduling them for our customers' convenience. This way, new features and enhancements can be installed before, and used during upcoming busy periods when the focus might be printing tax forms, or year end processing.

In 2018, the releases 18.01 to 18.04 were available to customers in March, May, September and November.


Report Releases

Since report updates can be independent of software updates, we release updated reports twice per month, on the second and fourth Wednesday. Escape Online has over 640 reports and our end users run them millions of times per year, so this "continuous" delivery of ongoing enhancements is very beneficial.

Report releases follow the same rules as software releases, in that they are carefully specified and tested before release. If a report change includes changes to the database or software, it is held until the "major" software release.

Customers Say...

I just now looked at the release notes and I LOVE the Installation Requirements section! All spelled out nice and clear.
— Payroll Technician II
Thank you to all who worked on the software development, and our particular setup and testing. Overall, this first year went smoother than I anticipated.
— Account Tech/Admin Clerk