Escape Technology believes knowledge is the key to success, so we include regularly scheduled webinars and release reviews as part of your maintenance package, free of charge, available both live and on-demand. Any current Escape Online customer may attend, individually or as a group.

We present at least 10 in-depth (half day) webinars a year, focusing on specific functions or events like Position Control Budgeting, Year End Processing, Account Management and W2 Reporting. We work with customers to create new and important topics for each year. We also host "webinar shorts." These 90-minute webinars touch upon timely themes, like California's Healthy Families Act, giving users an overview of how Escape Online can be used to comply with new legislation.

After each software release of Escape Online, we hold a "release review" webinar, which highlights the important changes included in the release. The Release Review, along with every webinar, includes a downloadable PowerPoint, handouts, and a follow-up Q&A document.

Please review the listing of this year's webinars, under Elearn -Scheduled Webinars, and our comprehensive list of on-site training, under Elearn - Customized Training.


Watch this short clip to know how to register for an Escape Online 5 webinar

After you register, we send a link to you with instructions for attending the webinar and downloading the training materials. If you cannot attend the live presentation, you can view the recording and the materials (including the Q&A from the chat box) from the Online Resources module of Escape Online.

If you have any trouble connecting to a webinar, please call Escape Customer Care at 800.288.8076.

Our System Trainer

Terri Hammond has 12 years school district experience, working in the business office of two Bay Area school districts. Since joining Escape in October 1998, Terri has worked in both Finance and HR/Payroll. She is a subject matter expert for the Finance Customer Care team.

What keeps Terri going is Escape's dedication to customer satisfaction. As a past school district employee, Terri really understands the needs of school business and knows the workflows.

Always the comedian, Terri uses this understanding to keep her training humorous and informative. For Terri, training is a way to share knowledge in a fun and exciting way!

As Terri says, "When you love what you do, you'll do a good job and I love what I do!"

After every release, we hold Release Review webinars: one for Finance and another for HR/Payroll. These 90-minute sessions walk you through the new features and reports of the latest release.