ESCAPE ONLINE 5 - User Experience

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Escape Online has a unique design that allows you to perform your work and see all of your available activities. Take a look at the intuitive interface we designed so you can be productive immediately.

On the left side of your screen is the Activity tree. You can open as many occurrences of a single activity as you need (e.g., numerous searches can be running simultaneously).

On the right is your work space. This takes up most of the screen and is tied to activities. This is where all of your work is performed.

Every activity includes a How-To. This is a document that describes that activity step-by-step and gives you an overview of how the activity relates to other tasks.

Most activities also include a tutorial. (There are over 50 video tutorials available through Escape Online as of 2015.)

Check out the Vendor Requisition Video! Our goal is to add and update video tutorials with every release.


In addition to general data entry, Escape Online has unique features that make input fast and accurate.

The Look of Escape Online 5

  • Any Number of Activities Open
  • Built-in Report Viewer
  • Can Use Mouse or Keyboard
  • Export Any List to Excel
  • Search Favorites
  • Report Favorites
  • Lookup Windows
  • Popup Calendars
  • Notepad Editors
  • Comprehensive Help
  • Video Tutorials
  • Quick Links (jump to another record)
  • Quick Starts (launch an activity)

Grid Technology

  • Advanced Filtering
  • Sort/Group Columns
  • Re-arrange Columns
  • Add/Drop Columns
  • Freeze Columns
  • Save Layout
  • Save/Print as Report
  • Totals/Sub-totals
  • Export to Excel


I love the new data grid feature and all the customizable reports. Every time I look at the Escape system I find something new
that makes my job easier. I like the webinars and release notes because they really help me find all the new features quickly. I
have also enjoyed working with the Escape staff and I appreciate the “Yes we can” customer service approach.
~ Human Resources Specialist

I love that I can go from the Finance module to the Payroll module with just a click or two. I don’t have to go all the way out and then turn around and log all the way back into something. It is really simple to use. It really truly is.
~ Chief Business Officer

We especially like the new Activity Quick Starts. I have been showing it to each person individually.
~ Business Technology Specialist

Believe me my staff is happy and excited to have Escape! I have been training departments and starting on site staff. After a one-on-one hour everyone has left just as excited. The positive thing is all have found the program easy to learn and so easy I have had few further questions. Big kudos to Escape. 
~  Director of Fiscal Operations

I really enjoy the History tabs where you are able to view who changed what, and when they changed it.
  ~ Payroll/Benefits Supervisor

Escape Online is very easy to navigate.
  ~ Accounting Manager

Exporting to Excel is a click of a button away...literally.
  ~ Payroll/Benefits Supervisor