User Groups / Conferences

Customers using Escape Online 5 have created several different types of users groups across the State. Regardless of their structure, these users groups provide a forum for school business professionals to discuss their processes and solutions for everyday activities.

User Conferences

We hold annual user conferences. The 2018 Beyond Escape User Conference sill be held in Sacramento at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel, with fresh content and exciting keynote speakers. Monday, October 29th is Finance day and Tuesday, October 30th is HR/Payroll day. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, so you don't miss any updates.

Collaboration Days

In winter, spring and summer, we hold a Collaboration Day at our Roseville Headquarters. Collaboration Day is a free Escape-sponsored event that provides an opportunity for customers to connect with each other, share best practices, and solicit feedback from each other. Escape provides the space and expertise needed for collaboration and the customers facilitate and drive the discussion.

COE User Groups

These are users groups that are hosted by certain COEs that are based on job function. For instance, Monterey, Placer, Sonoma and Ventura COEs have either monthly or quarterly user group meetings for their districts that are dedicated to specific types of Escape Online 5 users.

Most COEs have more than one user group. For example, one group is focused on Purchasing and Finance functionality, another on HR, and a third on Payroll.